What is Qigong?

If you need to improve your mental or physical health then the mind-body-spirit practise of Qigong (which is pronounced chi gong) can help you.

It works by helping integrate posture, movement, breathing techniques, self-massage, sound and focused intent.

The word Qigong is made up of the word ‘qi’ (which means ‘subtle breath’ or ‘vital energy’) and gong (which means ‘skill cultivated through steady practice’).

The benefits of Qigong

When it comes to mental health Qigong helps to open the flow of energy in the meridians, which is also what happens in acupuncture or Chinese medicine. This enhances our ability to feel the ‘life force’ in the underlying physical world. It helps to deepen our communication with it.

On the physical side, Qigong movement are slow and gentle and they warm our tendons, ligaments and muscles. They help to tone our vital organs and connective tissue by promoting circulation fo our body fluids, such as blood, lymph and synovial.

Studies have snow how Qigong is effective in helping to heal conditions such as high blood pressure, chronic illness, emotional frustration and mental stress.

Qigong and Barbara


WelBeeing’s Barbara offers Qigong classes in Northumberland and Newcastle. After many years studying the practice, she has helped dozens of people in the North East with their physical and mental health issues.

If you have physical pain or want to improve your mental health, fill in the form below now and ask Barbara to get in touch with you.

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